No thesis for carpenters 大工の卒論

Carpentry School Graduation Project / 大工育成塾 修了制作

This carpentry school is a national project set up to protect Japanese traditional wooden architecture. The project was established 13 years ago aiming to raise competent and skilled young carpenters.

The course is 3 years and each student learns practical skills at associated carpentry firms on a full-time basis in addition to a whole 2 days of theory lectures at the school once a month. This school has a very clear vision of preserving and handing down the traditional skills which it would be no overstatement to call world class in these modern days of mechanisation and a decreasing number of skilled carpenters.

In the final year, the students are assigned to build a whole house on their own in a completely traditional way. This is the graduation project that all the students in the final year from all over Japan work together to complete. In fact I was once a student of this school too, but today I’m excited to participate as a teacher. Stay tuned in to see the progress 🙂






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