The completion 完成

Itakura Method in Zushi / 板倉工法 Part 16 -FINAL-

December 11th, 2015 the ‘Itakura House’ that is friendly to humans as well as the environment has finally been completed!


We builders have been doing our work with our whole hearts, building a such special object which is probably the most expensive shopping for the owners as well. It was such a pleasure working for our client who was over the moon and moved to see our creation. I really, really appreciate all the people who was involved in this project along the way. This project has also made me re-realise how meaningful my job is and how much I love it.

This is not an end but a new start to have your dream house built. The house will be seeing the family grow with laughter, cuddles, a bit of tears and tons of love, I hope they have a wonderful life with this house. Me and the owner of course intend to keep out relationship even after the completion, just like the house will (hopefully) be kept in the family generation after generation.

This is all for the Itakura Method series. Thank you very much for reading!

「逗子板倉の家」新築工事12月11日  完成!お引渡し!自然素材でつくる、人にも地球にもやさしい木の家ができあがりました。おそらく人生で1番高い買い物であろう「家」つくる人も住む人も命がけです!ほんとうにいい家ができた、ありがとう。と喜んでいただき感動していただき、嬉しい限りです!!この工事に携わった職人さん、関係者全ての方に感謝します!!


以上で板倉工法の家 施工の順序、終了!!

(This construction was taken place on December, 2015 – 実際の工事は2015年12月に行われたものです)