muku 無垢

無垢 (hiragana むく, romaji muku)

  1. innocence, purity
  2. purity, freedom from foreign material or pollutants

(Reference: Wiktionary)


– Fujimoto Carpentry Showroom & Japanese Restaurant –

Sunday 21st May, 2017 11am OPEN!!!

We hope you come and enjoy the beauty of this 45-year-old house which we’ve completely renovated with our beloved materials and our technique. Please don’t hesitate to visit us here to feel on your own senses how comfortable natural materials are.

If you would like to appreciate the beauty a little longer, no problem. We also have a cozy space for you to enjoy the freshest fish and vegetables from the local markets. It is the perfect space to pop in for a cup of tea, lunch, or nice dinner with drinks.

Please make sure you book in advance if you are only looking to visit the showroom.

Seasonal cuisine, Kaiseki 無垢 ~muku~

Address: Kanagawa, Miura-gun, Hayama, Kamiyamaguchi 2368-1

Phone:046-887-0997 (Japanese only) *please email if you would like to book in English

Opening Hours & Menu

Chef: Toshio Nagayama

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藤本工務店モデルハウス 兼 和食料理屋

無垢 ~muku~

2017年5月21日(日)11時 OPEN!!!



朝獲れ相模湾の地魚と新鮮な三浦野菜が食べられます。夜は美味しいお酒と一品料理でまったりゆっくりとお過ごしください。 見学だけの方は事前にお電話で予約をお願いいたします♫

季節料理・懐石料理 無垢 ~muku~

所在地 神奈川県三浦郡葉山町上山口2368-1

TEL  046-887-0997


店主  永山 登志夫

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