Concentration is the key 塾生の集中力

Carpentry School Graduation Project / 大工育成塾 修了制作 Part2

It’s been five days since the start. The woodworking part is almost over and most of the students are giving it a finishing touch or have moved onto the next step, Jigumi (trial fitting).

I must say that I’m impressed with their concentration. They are absolutely diligent! I came to the site a bit earlier this morning with one of the students from Osaka today. Together we applied Sumidashi (aka Sumikake) for the foundation. We have a nice and big open space for the students to comfortably work on the Tatemae as it is one of the four empty plots and three other plots are still vacant.

Tatemae will take place on the day after tomorrow following the Dodaisue (foundation settlement, see No good building without a good foundation for a photo) tomorrow. Bring it on!

Check video here. <- 動画です