Ryo Fujimoto


Thank you very much for your interest, my name is Ryo Fujimoto.

My motto is “Love the natural, dislike the unnatural, work hard and play hard!”

I founded this company in March 2017 after working as a traditional Japanese carpenter for 5 years in Yokohama, Japan. Prior to that, I had my training in a carpentry school (Japan’s national project established in the aim of protecting traditional carpentry) for 3 years.

I’d like to give you advice on building your dream houses. I know it is very confusing when it comes to choosing one competent, reliable builder. There are so so many of us! I recommend, to start with imagining what kind of space you would like to be living in. Browse through the magazines, SNS or real houses to imagine the lifestyle you wish to have in that space. Would there be a hobby space? Living in nature? Hosting an occasional home party? What about fire place of your dream? Comfortable home for your furry family? A proper BBQ space…?

Your exciting journey of house building starts right there. Then you start searching for the builders who can realise your dreams in the best possible way. Every builders and housing makers have their advantages and disadvantages. It is most crucial to find the one who has the most similar, if not same, ideas and visions towards buildings as your dreams.

My advantages are the traditional techniques, the use of natural materials and my carpentry style that I make sure to realise your dream ideas. I enjoy every minute of the process of building and I hope you’ll do too!


自然が大好き・不自然は大っ嫌い、仕事も遊びも全力で楽しむことが1番! 19歳で大工の道に入り、国家プロジェクト大工育成塾を卒塾後、5年間 横浜市の工務店に勤務し2017年3月(株)藤本工務店を設立しました。

代表取締役 大工の藤本 嶺(りょう)です。



私のこだわりは伝統技術と自然素材、そして夢を形にする大工のセンスです!いつでもどんな時でも楽しく明るく元気よくみなさんと共に最高の家づくりをしたいと思います^_^ 宜しくお願いします!