A fireplace in a wooden house 薪ストーブのある家

Itakura Method in Zushi / 板倉工法 Part 15

We have started the work for the outside area after undoing the scaffolding. As for the inside, we are progressing with the work for staircase, the bathroom, the kitchen, the tatami room and the fire place.12241500_732546230210187_836028640306225006_n

11416212_732546263543517_3748429802625505487_nWe also build the bathroom from scratch, avoiding the ‘unit-bath’ which is explained well in this website, basically it is the entire room (tub, ceiling, walls and floor) is pre-fabricated and then installed as a unit in the apartment. There are many grade and it is pretty common but in my opinion, it feels so blunt. Going back to the bathroom for this project, the upper walls are the cypress timber while the lower part of the room is surfaced with tuff called Towadaishi.

The staircase is of course made of cedar. On the ground floor, there will be a fire place. Yes, a fire place in a wooden house, you heard it! We are using a different kind of tuff called Ooyaishi as a fireproof wall around and beneath the fire place. Damn it looks good.

The kitchen is mainly cedar apart from the kitchen top which is made with stainless board. (please wait for the photo of the kitchen top as it is protected neatly to take a photo)

At this stage of construction, we meet with a lot of builders (tilers, plumbers, wall paper hangers, electricians, slingers etc) and the site get quite lively 🙂 By the way, have I told you that we have been keeping ALL the scrap wood?

They will be used as fuel for the fire place. Since they are all natural wood unlike plywood, laminated wood or engineered wood that could produce fume/toxic gas, we can sit back and relax by the fire place without any worries. Cedar would be burnt quite quickly but I guess that’s still better that than none. There seem to be enough for the whole winter coming.

Almost there, stay tuned!

12279035_732546233543520_8703937085153632569_n 外部仮設足場がはずれ、外構工事が始まりました。内部工事のほうは、階段、お風呂、キッチン、和室、薪ストーブに絡む工事を行っています。







(This construction was taken place on November, 2015 – 実際の工事は2015年11月に行われたものです)

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