Being at home makes you sick? 無垢の家の気持ちよさ

Itakura Method in Zushi / 板倉工法 Part 14

Finally the switches and the power points are being fitted by the electricians!

Now we are done with the flooring, we’ve started working on the door frames (all sliding doors), the kitchen wall, the Hinoki cypress bathtub, the loft, skirting board etc. With Itakura method, the thick cedar timber walls that slipped in between the pillars make both inside and the outside wall, but we’ve designed differently this time. We are using Washi as wallpaper for the Japanese room and the bedroom downstairs and tiling and plastering for the kitchen.

For the base, we use plaster boards. This pink coloured board is actually cooler than you think, it sucks all the toxic substance like formaldehyde that might be in the air, and decompose it into non-toxic substance.

Here, I’d like to take a moment to explain a bit about ‘Sick house syndrome’ which is controversial topic after building houses (in Japan anyway) One of the reasons why newly built (or refurbished) house owners and their families sometimes have to go through this syndrome is this toxic substance, formaldehyde. It is often produced by newer building materials that contains chemicals and the improvements on the housing airtightness helps to multiply the trouble.

– engineered building materials/furniture that contains chemicals produce toxic substance
– not enough ventilation

– improved airtightness on buildings


– headache, dizziness, nausea

To go back to the subject, the plaster board must be used for the base of the Washi walls and the plastering, that is why we chose this pink one (called Highclean but it is probably the products name in Japan) Other than this, everything we use is natural solid wood. I can guaranteed you, it feels great all day long, even for a new born baby to be in this house😃

It seems that people often think this type of houses cost a fortune, but it is not that different. If you are interested, please give it a thought. It feels great for yourself as well as for our earth.

Thank you for reading!

床が張り上がると、建て具枠(全て引き戸)キッチン下がり壁、ヒノキ風呂、ロフト、巾木、壁 ボード張りへ。家の中の壁は、柱と柱の間に落とし込んだ杉厚板がそのまま仕上がりの壁になるのですが、全ての部屋の壁が板じゃ、なにか落ち着きませんで1階和室、2階寝室は和紙張り、キッチンまわりはタイルと漆喰壁になります。下地には石膏ボードを張ります。このピンクのボード、【ハイクリンボード】といって室内の空気中のホルムアルデヒドなどの有害物質を吸収し分解する性能があります。(再放出しない)





・頭痛、めまい、吐き気 など12219408_728172093980934_808476844793088981_n


(This construction was taken place on November, 2015 – 実際の工事は2015年11月に行われたものです)