New and Improved 梁の見える家

A house made with natural materials in Yokohama / 横浜市泉区【自然素材の家】 Part 2

Hello there, we are happy to announce the completion of the Tatekata. The pine beams we worked on manually (not pre-cut materials) have fit perfectly with each other as well. Very happy.

We are working on the roofing currently, with the natural material of Japanese cedar boards. As the ceiling style of the upper floor of this house is a sloped ceiling, there will be some aerated zone to improve the thermal insulation performance. With the sloped ceiling on the upper floor, it tends to get quite hot during summer time. This is why it needs the aerated zone between sloped ceiling and the roof to prevent the heat coming from the roof from going inside.


This method is relatively new in Japan and I believe the original idea comes from traditional method of monitor roof (Koshiyane) It normally has a little window on the highest spot where the heat/smoke can escape from as well as a place where lights can come in from.

This was a people’s wisdom back in days of no air-conditioner to keep the house cool and comfortable. I think this is very similar to the method we are using today. I always mention the importance of the traditional method but it is also important to seek new and improved.

Thank you 🙂