A house that even ants love 防腐、防アリ、防水、防湿気

Itakura Method in Zushi / 板倉工法 Part 10

Now the house has been treated against termite. Usually thujopsis oil (Hiba-yu) is widely used as termite control but this time, we applied boric acid which has stronger effect since the house was very close to woods. We can also expect it to last for years to come as boric acid is not so volatile.


The next work is to place the sheet that is water-proofing and moisture-permeable at the same time. I think ‘Gore-Tex’ would ring a bell for most of you. It will avoid the rain to come inside and yet let the moisture go out of the house.

By this stage, all the interior walls that we could see from outside would be all behind the sheet. After fixing the wooden frames/grilles, shutter case and door frames, it will be time for the exterior wall to complete.
Stay tuned y’all 🙂
防蟻処理が終わると、次に防水紙を張っていきます。この紙は「透湿防水シート」といって、水は通さず、湿気は通す、「ゴアテックス」みたいな感じと言えばわかりやすいかもしれません(^^) 外からの雨をしのぎ、中の湿気は外へ放出するということです。


Seaweed Miso Soup is a good company