Computer skills vs human skills 機械 vs 人間

Itakura Method in Zushi / 板倉工法 Part 2

Hello peeps! We have been working on Sumitsuke-Kizami (日本語は下へ)  11745776_685126764952134_1093457041494329803_n

Sumitsuke is a work to ink materials with lines and marks one by one. Kizami is to cut and form the materials using a saw and Nomi according to the lines and marks done at Sumitsuke.

11705352_685126734952137_4293306082172991844_n  11709646_685126781618799_8946157741464240202_n  Recently the pre-cut method is applied to about 90% of the newly built architecture. With this method, all the materials are marked and processed by computer and machines. It is very useful, cost-effective and timesaving but computer can only do so much. Especially for traditional Japanese architecture that requires complicated joints, the sensitive work by an experienced carpenter is appreciated. Another skill the carpenters can offer is to identify the individual character of the material and apply the best use of it. Trees have personality too! First and foremost, the material has to be straightened for computers to process, while we, humans can handle wild curvy ones to rough uneven ones. 


11193399_685126671618810_7378567059642865213_n                                                                                  In this project, we use a huge 7 meter long Daikokubashira (a main pillar) and a twisted pine log for the beam. I believe they will be the symbolic part of this house.


We are almost done with the foundation constructing. Next week, we will start building up the main structures!

Stay tuned 🙂





現在、国内で建てられる新築は90パーセントが【プレカット工法】 といって墨付け、刻み作業を人の手で行なうのではなく、全てコンピューターが行なうやり方です。


だから私達は 【プレカット工法】を使わず【墨付け、刻み】を行います。



(This was originally posted July, 2015 – 実際の工事は2015年7月に行われたものです)

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