Japanese tea ceremony room in progress!

A Tea Ceremony Room in Kamakura / 鎌倉市 茶室新築工事  Part 1

Hello Everyone! (日本語は下へ)


So I’ve started working on a new project – Reconstruction of a tea ceremony room located in a well-known city for the big-buddha, Kamakura.

We are going to build a Chashitsu (the actual place where the ceremony takes place), Yoritsuki (a waiting room), Mizuya (a preparation room), a hallway and a toilet at the basement. This room was once used as a bedroom, now we are going to pull it down entirely and the new flooring will be done in about a week. Then, we will move on to processing materials such as columns, thresholds and lintels.

Until next time!




(This post was originally from June, 2014 – 実際の工事は2014年6月に行われたものです)