Kanna – Plane

【 鉋 】かんな

A plane is a tool to plane a board / shave a piece of wood. Amongst a few dozen kinds, the most common one is the Hira-Kanna.

You all might have seen it at least once? It is the one to make a timber smooth and shiny. Theoretically it is used to give such parts as pillars and beams a finishing touch without any rough surface. In Japan, we have an organization called Kezuro-kai *1 that holds a event where people compete on how thin the shavings they can get to produce. In case you are wondering, the Japan record is 3 micron (0.003 mm) Damn. It is said that the board planed manually is immaculately shiny and has spectacular water proofing effect as it is.

The second picture is electric planes. The high speed rolling blade does the job which is not as good as a manual job by a skilled person but definitely good enough. The sizes are various and there is one that can even plane curved surface like logs.

*1 It means something like ‘Plane away group’

Curved surface plane – 曲面鉋



This shavings produced from electric planes will be used in a farm 🙂

電気カンナ屑は牧場行きです~ 🙂