Waterproofing – Lath – Waterproofing – Steel netting – Plaster – Carbon coating – Stucco 杉板に杉色を塗る

A house made with natural materials in Yokohama / 横浜市泉区【自然素材の家】 Part 5

Konnichiwa. Today we placed solid cedar boards underneath the eave soffit outside (where the roof edges are stretching). In this project, we paint all the wooden parts that is exposed to the elements with the natural paint (red cedar colour)

I’m actually really looking forward to the effect of the combination of this paint and the bright white colour of the exterior. Paints can add not only the style but also the durability.

As for the exterior, I’ve introduced ho we are progressing from laths to the waterproofing material, to the steel nettings in the last post. Today we are having plasterers to go over the nettings. In this way, it prevents the plaster from slipping down by catching them in between the steel nettings. This is only a base, we have 4 more steps to go!

Base: Mortar x2

Middle: Carbon coating x1

Finish: Plaster (stucco) x1

(Work period: 1 month)



下塗り×2回 モルタル(ラスモル)

中塗り×1回 カーボンコート

上塗り1回 漆喰仕上げ