Base of the walls 何層もの壁

A house made with natural materials in Yokohama / 横浜市泉区【自然素材の家】 Part 4

Hi all, I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Again this is a post about the other day when we’ve done some base for the waterproofing work etc. Like we did for the roof, we worked on the vent layer in the walls so that it prevents the heat from outside from going inside and the moisture in the walls have somewhere to escape to.

We also worked on the exterior by placing laths vertically as a foundation of plastering. The major materials nowadays are plywood boards specifically made for structures or the product called ‘Lathcut’. However, we didn’t use them since they are not natural resources.

At a glance, some people might think it looks like the final exterior finish but this is just a base. Another layer of waterproofing material (felt fabric) will go over this followed by steel nettings. See you next time!