Go back to basics 木工用ボンドも使いません

A house made with natural materials in Yokohama / 横浜市泉区【自然素材の家】 Part 1

Hello there! We have started a new project; A newly built 2-storey timber frame house. As it is mentioned earlier, we won’t use any “new building materials” *1 such as glued laminated timer, plywood, veneer covering, exterior siding or glass wool.

The client has a very thorough belief in it that we won’t even use woodworking glue. From the structure to the finishing touch, we will only be using natural materials. The client is a family with small children and they wish to have a house that is kind to both human being and the earth. I absolutely love their idea. I am even living everyday hoping more people will have a similar idea and beliefs. (No joke!)

This time, we do not have to take the step of Sumikake and Kizami since most of the timbers have been “pre-cut” in a factory except these winding pine beams.

It is one of the client’s requests to use them. We will take the step precisely for these three pine timbers and other parts that would be connected to them. Tatekata is taking place next week. Stay tuned! It will be completed this coming spring.  Good work, good housing, bring it on!!

*1 Alternative artificial materials (vinyl, plastic, synthetic etc) are cheaper and made even for easier use compared to traditional materials (paper, rocks, wood, metals etc)

こんにちは!!!!!さあ!始まりました🌲木造2階建ての新築工事の投稿です。集成材、合板、ベニヤ、サイディング、グラスウールなどの新建材*1 は一切使用せずに、更に木工用ボンドまでも使用しない徹底ぶり。構造材から各部仕上げ材まですべてを自然素材でつくるお家です。



*1 従来の建材(紙、木、石、金属等)に比べ安価で材料にばらつきがなく、加工が簡単などのメリットがある、新素材や新製法を用いた人工建材(ビニール、プラスチック、合成樹脂)のこと。