Would you like a little tea ceremony room in the house? 趣味はお茶です

Tea Ceremony Room in Fujisawa / 藤沢市 【茶室と水屋】Part 1

This project is a partial renovation on a 20-year-old wooden house. The client is a middle age couple who have all their children grown up and now have a spare room to use for their hobby, which we are going to convert into a tea ceremony room.

We will be using materials that are relatively thinner and lighter, such as bamboo, timber, soil and paper. This tea ceremony room will have an unornamented, humble atmosphere rather than luxurious (We call this Wabi in Japan) The very first step is the demolition; to tear up the plaster boards. We will leave the flooring as it is and place the rough floor (the base floor that goes beneath the Tatami mats) on them.

For the tea ceremony sunken hearth, we call this RO, a genuine traditional one that is made from wood and soil will be placed where we cut the floor off and reinforced. When we finish with the rough floor, then it is time for the Sumidashi (Sumikake) to put all the marks for the RO, pillars, the entrance etc.


The next step to follow is to set up pillars. We have set up one made of Japanese Red Pine today. For good measure, we renovated around the kitchen a little bit. A plain wall have transformed into a cupboard from top to bottom that now holds some food, plates and bowls, a microwave and a coffee machine. An empty space under the kitchen counter now has a rack that is dressed with pretty plates and bowls!

If you are interested in Japanese Tea Ceremony, I wrote more about it in the past posts; Tea Ceremony and Culture Day.





食品や食器、レンジ、コーヒーメーカーなどを置けるように! カウンターの下にもう一段階棚をつけました。お洒落な食器が並びました!



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