Connect people 繋がりの大切さ

Carpentry School Graduation Project / 大工育成塾 修了制作 Part3

Today, we were able to celebrate the Jotoshiki *1 without any troubles since the start.

This project has been such unique as all the 41 students do the Sumikake as well as Kizami. Although they all learn from different people *2, there are different ways in every local region and they all have their own habits, we managed to come this far and complete the Tatekata. They have prepared very well and cooperated with each other. The most important thing was that there was no one injured.

This coming Spring *3 they will all graduate and go to different ways. My message for them was to remember they have all these fellows who they have gone through all, good times and hard times together, and to stay connected as much as possible. I believe the connection and the fellowship they have made here will not only inspire but also serve them well in the future. I feel a progress in myself too. I’d like to give special thanks to all the people who was involved in this project. Thank you!!!

*1 See also Yes Japanese Party Food is Sushi for more infomation

*2 Please see This page for the information about the school

*3 The school year starts in April and ends in March in Japan