A natural humidity controller 味が出る家

Itakura Method in Zushi / 板倉工法 Part 13

The sun has been working on the exterior wall (Japanese cedar) which started changing its colour to beautiful amber.


We had five electricians do their amazing work today. Normally, electric cables run through the pillars and in the walls so eventually they would not be seen on the surface of the interior. With Itakura Method, however, 12189859_725769384221205_2646933007952460261_nthe walls do not have that “inside bit” for the cables to be hidden as they are a solid piece of wood (if you do not recall, refer to Part 4) So, the electricians got to work out the alternative places like underneath the flooring or on the beams. When it comes to the very end of cables like light switches power sockets, they would have to be on the surface to some extent which would later be covered with wiring covers made of cedar.

Phewwww aren’t you amazed at how many cables a house would require? I am! This looks crazy. I’m also amazed at electricians who actually knows (or should know?) which goes where and what is for what.


Meantime, we carpenters placed Agarihinoki (please see the picture below, it is where we take off our shoes to go inside the house) and Shikii to finally place the final flooring. Guess what kind of wood we are using?

Yes! Of course it’s Japanese cedar! Although it has a disadvantage being vulnerable as it is relatively soft, I believe cedar has countless advantages to make it up easily. I would like to tell you, first and foremost, that IT FEELS GOOD. This organic natural material DO smell good, 12190944_725769390887871_6717732352804502051_nfeel good on your skin and definitely look good. You wouldn’t get that “sticky feel” when you walk on it barefoot. This can be applied to all the organic natural timber.
Cedar also has humidity conditioning function. When it is too humid, the wood in your house would absorb the moisture and when it is too dry, it would release the moisture to even out. Japanese people have been using cedar because of the reason and its beauty since ancient times for various things such as firewood, boats, plates and bowls, furniture, arts, houses etc. Not only the wooden craft but also leather goods or copper roofing has a beautiful effect which can only be obtained by ageing over time.
The next step is to place the door frames for the sliding doors.
Until then!
(This was originally posted October, 2015 – 実際の工事は2015年10月に行われたものです)