Safe place to nap 平らな場所で昼寝ができる〜

Itakura Method in Zushi / 板倉工法 Part 12

Tadaaaaaa! The exterior has been completed!

When we use wooden material for the exterior, it is common to use it for the ground floor and use plastering for the upper floor. However, this time we used the timber for all the exterior surface. It looks absolutely beautiful and gives the stunning Japanese atmosphere. 


From now on, we are going to focus on the interior work starting with placing the flooring base. This flooring base, of course, is Japanese cedar! It is 30 mm thick and placed 45 degrees in diagonal. As it is only a base, it will be hidden under the final flooring board in eventually.

Now that we have a proper floor, we can take a nap on the flat and safe surface 😉 
We are coming close to the completion with this project, stay tuned.