Shaping the wood around a rock

A Tea Ceremony Room in Kamakura / 鎌倉市 茶室新築工事  Part 3

My work is mostly done as a carpenter, now a plasterer is giving the undercoat. (日本語は下へ)


How beau1908054_535370549927757_675027925225143707_ntifully it’s being done even the curvy part? I can always count on his work.

Meanwhile, we, carpenters are working on the Koshikake-machiai (a waiting room) that will be placed in the Roji (tea house garden).

Firstly we place the Neishi (base). The stone used here is called Kurama-ishi, a type of granite. It is rusty on the surface with colour of red-brown, commonly used as a Tsukubai (a basin), Ishi-tourou (a rock lantern), a place to take off shoes or simply placed in the garden. Very valuable rocks indeed!

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A bench will be placed on these rocks. 10641226_535370446594434_3840871027598408199_n

下地窓の丸い部分も上手く塗っています 流石です!見惚れてしまいました^_^

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I hope you enjoyed!

(This post was originally from September, 2014 – 実際の工事は2014年9月に行われたものです)

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